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Thu, Mar. 17th, 2005, 06:21 pm
kindkit: ADMIN: Jazzverse fics

Besides the threads posted here, glossing and I have written a lot of stories, ficlets, and drabbles set in the Jazzverse. And I decided to make a handy little list of them for anybody who's interested. I've divided them into three categories: definitely canonical within the Jazzverse, maybe canonical, and definitely not canonical. Within each category, fics are listed from earliest to latest in the Jazzverse chronology.

This list will be updated as we write more.


Things I'm Learning About You (by Kit)
That Tokyo Butterfly (by Gloss)
Deixis (by Gloss)
Fantastic Life Never the Same (by Gloss)
Approximations (by Kit)
Unmaking (by Kit)
Mono/Chrome (by Gloss)
An Everywhere (by Gloss)

Possibly Canonical

Truck Stop (by Kit)
All Here In One Bed Lay (by Gloss)
The Purpose of Photographs (by Kit)
Wild Nights (by Kit)
Calluses and Scars (by Kit)
Packing Up (by Kit)
mug ficlet (by Gloss)
You and Me and the Moon (by Gloss)
A Wolf, Leaping (by Gloss)
Wednesday Afternoon (by Kit)

Not Canonical
reunion ficlets one, two, and three (by Gloss and Kit)
random improv smut (by Gloss and Kit)
Cookery for a Lonely Century (by Gloss)

Wed, Aug. 11th, 2004, 09:16 pm
glossing: Sunnydale, 10/01: An Oz only a mother (and Giles) could love

When Oz takes a right out of the Magic Box's alley, instead of the usual left, Giles looks surprised. Oz bites his lip and keeps his eye on the road, weaving up Main Street, then cutting across Calendula, and Giles' brows are lifting and he's about to open his mouth and ask where they're going as Oz slows to nab a parking space.

They've been back a week now, and Giles didn't mention Oz calling his mom until they were back from the beach the second day. Oz nodded then and picked at his peeling sunburn; he didn't want to think about it. And he knew Giles was torn, all worried-faced and hesitant-voiced, but that he couldn't exactly help himself from bringing it up, either. She is your mother. Surely she'd like to see you.

Giles isn't wrong; it's more that Oz isn't sure what to say. Not that that's anything new, though, he finally realized.

Which is why the increasingly stinky rental car is parked across from his mom's house and Oz is getting out.

"Doing what's right," he tells Giles across the hood of the car. "You okay with this?"

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